Make your hang-outs exhilarating and fly or flip into a pool of huge foam squares without any worries!

Fly in the air without fear! Defy gravity in our FoamZone and land in a huge pool of foam squares. Sail through the air and land safely in one of our foam pits. If you are trying to get in some extra practice with your air tricks or twisty spins and love trying to climb out of the cloud felt foam cubes, the Foam Zone is the place to be. . Get a run up, take your leap of faith from the trampoline, and land safely in a pool of huge foam squares. As long as you follow the trampoline safety rules, the Foam Zones are the best place to practice your Jumping skills! Come get your practice at Skyzone Hyderabad.

Introducing the Big Bag. A giant inflatable bubble of fun hanging out in a sea of foam. Throw down your flips and tricks and fall freely onto our comfortable crash pad.